Herbal Fairness Cream-SSG Deals

City: Rajapalaiyam | Location : 24G, Gundur Moorthy raja street

Herbalaya Aloe Vera Fairness Cream

Aloe Vera Fairness Cream is one of the best cream. It have no side effects. We can get a fair and shiny face by regular usage of this products. Skin condition will also be protected and improved Aloe vera does lots of miracle to our skin. UVA & UVB absorbers are added, so it acts as sunscreen. We can apply it in any season, can use as moisturizes in winter and as sun screen in summer season .Soft appearance will be gained. Regular usage brightens the skin with 7 days.


    Makes the skin fair
    Cleans the pores of skin
    Moisturizes the skin to makes it soft
    Protects the skin from sunburn
    Keeps skin cool
    Assists in healing acne, pimples, facial marks, black spots, allergies, infections, swelling, itching and irritations.

Contact Name : Arun Kumar

Contact Address : 24G, Gundur Moorthy raja street, Rajapalayam.626117. Virudhunagar District. Tamil Nadu.

Contact Phone : 9362754666

Web Page : http://www.ssgdeals.com/single_product_name.php?sipid=10001

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