Herbal Massage Gel-SSG Deals

City: Rajapalaiyam | Location : 24G, Gundur Moorthy raja street

Herbalaya Aloe Vera Massage gel

This Gel is prepared from natural aloevera and zero chemicals. So it have no side effects. It is good for all types of skin especially for those who have dry skin, crack skin, skin rashes etc. It provides cooling and smoothing effect to the skin. It gives life to dull skin. Contains natural Vitamin E Protects the skin from damage caused by the pollution and harsh sun-rays. Its anti-oxidant properties nourish the skin. Perfect as a base for make-up.


  • Excellent anti-aging
  • Cooling & Smoothing to the skin
  • Anti wrinkle properties
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Good for dry, crack skin and skin rashes


Contact Name : Arun Kumar

Contact Address : 24G, Gundur Moorthy raja street, Rajapalayam.626117. Virudhunagar District. Tamil Nadu.

Contact Phone : 9362754666

Web Page : http://www.ssgdeals.com/single_product_name.php?sipid=10006

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