Sleep Fairy(Sleep Screening, Sleep Study, Sleep Apnea Monitor) Device

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Picture for Sleep Fairy(Sleep Screening, Sleep Study, Sleep Apnea Monitor) Device

Sleep Fairy, Sleep Screening, PSG, Sleep Study Device


  1. Dimensions: 75mmL x 125mmW x 24mmH
  2. Weight: 200g with battery
  3. 9 Channels: Air flow, Snore, Chest Abdomen Movement, SpO2, Pulse, Body Position, Body Movement, CPAP Pressure, Ambient temperature.
  4. Data resolution: AD : 12Bit
  5. Data Sampling Rate: 50-200Hz
  6. Data Sampling Rate : 50-200Hz
  7. Storage Data: over 80 hours data
  8. Communication: USB 2.0
  9. SpO2: 40% - 100%
  10. Pulse Rate: 20-240 bpm
  11. Battery Rechargeable Lithium Battery: 1700mAh
  12. Continuous recording time: over 30 hours
  13. Screen: 2.8 inch TFT 


  1. Compact, light and convenient.
  2. Extremely easy to operate with one switch.
  3. Huge display, 2.8 inch TFT Screen, Showing all channels, include the ambient temperature and recording time.
  4. Reliably providing extensive, detailed and accurate sleep clinical data.
  5. Suitable for home sleep testing and ambulatory use.
  6. Sophisticated scoring and diagnostic report software.
  7. Link to any CPAP device to titrate patient’s pressure.

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