Hydrogen Generation Systems.

City: Nashik | Location : Nashik

A reliable supply of process gases plays a vital role in most industries. Currently, these gases are mainly supplied by electrolysis or road transportation of compressed or liquefied gas. Crystaltcs offers small scale on-site hydrogen generation systems ranging from 5 Nm3/h up to 100 Nm3/h. This makes them highly suitable to be installed at industrial sites and hydrogen filling stations.

We deal in Hydrogen generation systems based on the electrolysis of Water. The heart of the system is the electrolyser unit which decomposes water into oxygen and hydrogen. The separated hydrogen is collected and treated to obtain pure hydrogen gas (>99.7%) as the output.

The Hydrogen Generation Systems produce hydrogen by converting natural gas with Steam Methane Reforming. Decentralised hydrogen production offers a safer, more reliable and cost-effective alternative to conventional hydrogen supply by tube trailers or electrolysers and significantly lowers the environmental impact.

Our systems are available upto a capacity of 1500 Nm3/hr in a single unit. Higher capacities can be designed upon request.

For More Information Please Contact us or call on +91 253 2501600 / 9921391762.


Contact Name : Crystaltcs

Contact Address : Nashik Pune Road, Near Dwarka, Maharashtra, INDIA

Contact Phone : 9921391762

Web Page : http://www.crystaltcs.com/hydrogen-generation-systems.php

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