India’s First 4G Services Lauched by Airtel in Kolkata

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The Indian telecom giant Bharati Airtel launched India’s First 4G(LTE) Services in Kolkata today. 4G services enhances the data transfer speeds 5 to 10 times of speed in 3G services. It is much more speeder and about 300 times faster compared to 2G services.
4G LTE USB Modem
4G LTE networks allows data transfer speeds up to 100 mbps. However the data transfer speeds offered by Airtel would have upto 40 mbps.

Presently 4G services will be up only for Kolkata, but soon be coming to the Bengaluru users in April itself. Pune and Chandigarh are the cities that next going to get the 4G services.

Airtel’s 4G tariffs starts from Rs.999/- and ranges with two other plans Rs.1399/- and Rs.1999/-. The free quota offered for 999 plan is 6GB, 1399 plan is 9GB and 1999 plan is 18GB. The data speeds will go to 128kbps when the usage goes beyond free quota.

Airtel offering 2 types of connecting devices 4G LTE USB modem and 4G LTE indoor wireless gateways. USB modem would be priced Rs.7999/- and Wifi gateway system would have a price of Rs.7750/-

Bharati Airtel company won BWA spectrum in 2010 for Kolkata, Maharashtra (Excluding Mumbai Circle), Punjab and Karnataka telecom circles and had paid Rs 3,314.36 crore.